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      DREAM  to build a home/business 

promotes Green Living, fresh eggs, chickens, greenhouse, and 2 vacation houses for CITY CAMPERS that want to camp out. DREAM.

    2016 I realized that I need to take different approaches.  I accomplished to start my LLC, IAMOB.  Working towards Non Profit. Getting There Village is my baby, hobby, and find me www.dotdotadotdotadoncom.blogspot.com/workshop     

    Please feel free to shop for many beautiful art peices, my books, home make clothing, and skin care items, email me [email protected], CATALOG is located at www.dotdotadotdotadotcom.blogspot.com,  etsy, ebay, and amazon. Type in IAMOB 

   MY goal is to build awareness to City Council about changing laws that will free Americans to better  building Permits from toxic plumbing, and PipeLines.  If we all start standing up against plumbing, and get back to the old Out House" and Horse and Buggy,  America will become free from Pipelines, if we dont do something, America will run away from America Directly.

Donate today, www.cash.me/$tipytip and order something here that your family will enjoy