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 In order to reach community about city farming, and reality of learning from the ground up,  Land is the number one priority, greenhouse second (in colder climates).  Every block should have chickens, and a cockadoodledoo! to wake up too.  Nature.  

     Getting There is a living Green Dream that was founded in 2012.  I beleive nature is the need we have.  That is why I formed ideas based on dreams and realities that I wrote in my books related to green living after a natural disaster.  

The books were written and illustrated in 2010 through 2012.  They are  colorful, and titled, "Earth Is What We Need, and "I Should of Listened.  


These two short stories are hand-made, each page plastic binder ed, along with homemade body butter, foot balm (4oz jars each) and utility cloth.  The baskets are pretty and make excellent gifts for any occasion.  These two books are now available as "Books Out Loud," Youtube, type Anita Hollman in the search engine.

      The natural disasters in 2009 and 2010 world wide were the biggest reason that inspired me to live a more green life.  Day by day I am becoming better at it, naturally. In 2016, my LLc, IAMOB opened, and you are welcome, to shop and buy.

1370 westminster, st paul, mn